Unlock Your Domain

Are you wondering why your domain is locked? Well, we keep your domain locked so that it remains secured. When your domain is locked it cannot be transferred to another Registrar or an account.
However, when you make changes to a domain’s settings we automatically unlock and then re-link your domain. These changes include: updating nameservers or contact information.
If you wish to transfer your domain name however, you must unlock it first.

Important Notice Before Unlocking 

If you’ve done the following in the last 60 days, your account is unlocked and will remain locked until the 60 day period is over:
  • Registered or transferred a domain name
  • Updated the organisation of the registrant’s contact
  • Changed the registrant contact information: First or last name and an organisation isn’t listed.

 Unlock Your Domain 

  1. First, go into your client area. Find your list of domains. Then, choose the domain you would like to unlock.
  2. On the Active button, next to the domain on the right side.
  3. In the panel on the right side click Get EPP Code. We will unlock your domain and send you the authorisation code for your domain.
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