How to Add Monitor

Follow these easy steps to add your monitors. First, log in to the client area and select your active Monitoring Service. Open the Monitoring dashboard and follow the steps below to create your monitors.

Step 1 Click on Add Monitor

How to Log in to add monitor1. Select if you want to scan a Port or a Keyword

Select port or keyword

2. Give the monitor an easy name

3. Select here the network you want to have the scan done from, Local host will be a scan conducted from our servers.

4. Add here the full URL or IP address that needs to be scanned.

5. Choose here the port that needs to be scanned, you can choose from:

- Port 21 (FTP)

- Port 22 (SSH)

- Port 25 (SMTP)

- Port 53 (DNS)

- Port 80 (HTTP)

- Port 80 (WEBSITE URL)

- Port 110 (POP3)

- 143 (IMAP)

- 443 (HTTPS)

- 2534 (Ping)

- 3306 (MySQL)

Tip: If you want to ping a URL (for instance, then choose the port 80 (website URL).

6. Choose here the interval the scan should be conducted. You can choose from:

- 5 Minutes interval

- 10 Minutes interval

- 15 Minutes interval

- 20 Minutes interval

- 30 Minutes interval

- 45 Minutes interval

- 60 Minutes interval

7. Press Save Changes to save/create the monitor

Once you added a monitor you will be redirected to the monitor list, where you should see the newly created monitor.

save or create the monitor


From this list you can do the following:

monitoring dashboard

  1. Monitor name - Here you find the name of the monitor
  2. Url or IP - This is the URL or IP that the monitor is scanning
  3. Port - This is the port that is being scanned
  4. Interval - This is the time interval. In the example below the monitor checks if the site is online every 5 minutes
  5. Scan server selected - The monitoring server that scans your website
  6. Status of your server - Here you can see the status of the server of what you are scanning
  7. Active/Inactive monitor -  Shows if the monitor is active and running
  8. Stats - This is where you see the full monitor stattistics
    • Example:monitoring stats
  9. Contact list – Here you can add multiple contacts, in case your service is down.
  10.  Edit- You can edit here your monitor.


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